50 Dates in 50 Posts – Tour Stop # 34 – Coast to Coast, Catonsville, Maryland

50/50 Tour Stop:  # 34 (Concert # 34)

Date:  November 25, 1981

Venue:  Coast to Coast.  6512 Baltimore National Pike.  Catonsville, MD.  21228.

Find it on Google Maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/gWiiinXC8x52 

Venue Exterior


35 Coast to Coast Exterior Evening Sun Dec 10 1981 pg 18

Source:  Baltimore Evening Sun.  Dec. 10, 1981.  Pg. 18.


35 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Baltimore Street View Catonsville 2017 Oct

Venue Interior:

35 Coast to Coast Interior Evening Sun Dec 10 1981 pg 18

Above:  The band D.C. Star performs at Coast to Coast.  Source:  Baltimore Evening Sun.  Dec. 10, 1981.  Pg. 18.

Opening Act:  The Skip Castro Band.

35 Skip Castro Band Daily Press July 15 1984 pg E1

Note:  George Thorogood joined the Skip Castro Band for part of their opening set.  Please see the “Set List” section below for details.

Poster / Flyer / Handbill:  

I have never seen a poster for this concert.  Please get in touch if you have a photo you can share.

Press & Promotion:  

35 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Cantonsville MD Headline Band Plays High Energy Rock 1981 Nov 22    

Source:  Baltimore Sun.  November 22, 1981.

35 Concert Preview Part II Bringing Basic Rock Baltimore Sun Nov 22 1981

Source:  Baltimore Sun.  November 22, 1981.

35 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Baltimore Sun Coast to Coast Preview Find the Band 1981 Nov 22

Source:  Baltimore Sun.  November 22, 1981.

Ticket Price:  Unknown.

Ticket Stub:  I have not seen a stub to this concert thus far.  If you have a scan or a stub for sale, please contact me!    

Attendance:  “About 1,000”.

Source:  Baltimore Evening Sun.  Nov. 27, 1981.  Pg. B1.

Set List:  I can only confirm a partial the set list for this show:

  • Oh What a Thrill¹ 
  • Intro music:  Theme from Jaws (John Williams & the Boston Pops Orchestra)
  • One Way Ticket*
  • One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer*
  • I’m Wanted*
  • Who Do You Love?*
  • Night Time*

¹ As reported in the Baltimore Evening Sun:

The group [The Skip Castro Band] closed its set with Chuck Berry’s “Oh What a Thrill”, as lead guitarist Bo Randall leaped off the stage and duckwalked through the room.  When he returned onstage five minutes later, he was met by [George] Thorogood who strapped on his guitar and jammed for a short while with the band…  Thorogood’s appearance was totally unplanned.    

* I am not able to confirm the order in which these songs were played, only that they were part of the Destroyers’ set list for this show.

Source:  Baltimore Evening Sun.  Nov. 27, 1981.  Pg. B10.

Was the Concert Recorded?  Yes.  See “Concert Reaction” below.  The Destroyers’ 50-50 concert at Coast to Coast was filmed for NBC’s “The Today Show” and for the syndicated program “PM Magazine”.  I have yet to come across any footage from either episode.    

Source:  Baltimore Evening Sun.  Nov. 27, 1981.  Pg. B1 & On Music & Media Magazine.  September-October 1982.  Pg. 39.

Concert Photos:  I have yet to uncover any photos from the Destroyers’ 50-50 concert in Catonsville.  Please get in touch if you have any to share.

Concert Reaction:

35 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Maryland Review Pt 1 Evening Sun Nov 27 1981 pg B1

Patrick Ercolano of the Baltimore Evening Sun filed a positive review of the Destroyers’ 50/50 concert at Coast to Coast:

Wasting little time in getting things rolling, Thorogood and company […] led off with several numbers at a break-neck tempo that had customers dancing on the tables and chairs…  For an artist who doesn’t exactly possess a huge national reputation and whose records are on the small […] Rounder label, Thorogood has intensely devoted fans.  At Coast to Coast, they seemed to sing along with every lyric.

George Thorogood discusses the 50-50 concert in Maryland in an interview from 1982:

“The Washington D.C. gig was the best…  That was the day we played two gigs:  D.C. and Baltimore.  But what a day it was.  Insane.  INSANE!  You see we usually went to sleep about six in the morning when we were doing the Eastern states.  And we slept until five in the afternoon.  But that day we did an afternoon show which started around six and then drove to D.C. for a show at 11.  The only day I really needed my sleep so I could energize, I got about four hours sleep, tops, because of some radio interview before the gig in D.C.  I got nothing to eat, I was totally exhausted from the previous night, and at the interview this jock wants to talk about nothing except the Rolling Stones.  Now I’m really bummed because I’m wiped out and have to do two shows, and to complicate things, the Baltimore gig is being filmed by the TV show P.M. Magazine.  Of all the times I need my energy, I got none.

Anyway, we did a two and a half hour show at Baltimore, drove to D.C. and did the show there.  And it was totally animalistic.  I mean TOTALLY.  It was unbelievable.  There was a riot in the crowd.  We had to stop playing after the third song to calm things down.  We were sizzlin’ up there on stage – we were great despite fatigue.  We got everyone fired up and then took them down with a ballad and took them right back up again.

For me it was the peak of the tour because it showed me how much I could really push myself.”

Source:  On Music & Media Magazine.  September-October 1982.  Pg. 39.

Other Notes:  None.

Fate of the Venue:  The site where Coast to Coast once stood is now a furniture store.