50 Dates in 50 Posts – Tour Stop # 34 – Warner Theatre, Washington, DC

50/50 Tour Stop:  # 34

Date:  November 25, 1981

Venue:  Warner Theatre.  513 13th Street.  Washington, DC.  20004.

Find it on Google Maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/kqpzgBrb8zC2

Venue Exterior


I have not yet found a photo of the exterior of the Warner Theatre as it looked circa the 50-50 tour.  Please get in touch if you know of one.



Venue Interior:




Above:  Tom Jones and Tina Turner perform at the Warner Theatre in 1978.  Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG8sABxo7WY

Opening Act:  Evan Johns and the H-Bombs.


Read more about Evan Johns at this link: http://rubbercityreview.com/2011/01/evan-johns-and-the-h-bombs/

Poster / Flyer / Handbill:  I have not yet seen a poster, flyer or handbill for this show.  If you have a copy or any information, please get in touch!

Press & Promotion:  

34 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Warner Theatre Ad Maryland Diamondback Student Newspaper 1981 Nov 09

Ticket Price:  $11.00

Ticket Stub:  I have not seen a stub to this concert.  If you have a scan or a stub for sale, please get in touch!    

Attendance:  Unknown.  The Washington Post reported that the Destroyers played to “a full house”.  Warner Theatre currently has capacity for 1,847 people.

Source:  Washington Post.  November 26, 1981.

Set List:  Unknown.

Was the Concert Recorded?  Unknown.    

Concert Photos


Above:  George Thorogood performs at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC on the 50-50 tour.  Photo credit:  Unknown.

Concert Reaction:

In George Thorogood’s own words, the Warner Theatre concert was the pinnacle of the 50-50 tour:

“The Washington D.C. gig was the best…  That was the day we played two gigs:  D.C. and Baltimore.  But what a day it was.  Insane.  INSANE!  You see we usually went to sleep about six in the morning when we were doing the Eastern states.  And we slept until five in the afternoon.  But that day we did an afternoon show which started around six and then drove to D.C. for a show at 11.  The only day I really needed my sleep so I could energize, I got about four hours sleep, tops, because of some radio interview before the gig in D.C.  I got nothing to eat, I was totally exhausted from the previous night, and at the interview this jock wants to talk about nothing except the Rolling Stones.  Now I’m really bummed because I’m wiped out and have to do two shows, and to complicate things, the Baltimore gig is being filmed by the TV show P.M. Magazine.  Of all the times I need my energy, I got none.

Anyway, we did a two and a half hour show at Baltimore, drove to D.C. and did the show there.  And it was totally animalistic.  I mean TOTALLY.  It was unbelievable.  There was a riot in the crowd.  We had to stop playing after the third song to calm things down.  We were sizzlin’ up there on stage – we were great despite fatigue.  We got everyone fired up and then took them down with a ballad and took them right back up again.

For me it was the peak of the tour because it showed me how much I could really push myself.”

Source:  On Music & Media Magazine.  September-October 1982.  Pg. 39.


In his review of the Destroyers’ 50-50 show in DC for the Washington Post, music reporter Mike Joyce said:

“[Thorogood] wasn’t halfway through his first song before he jumped off the stage. Duckwalking through the crowd, he let loose with a fusillade of Chuck Berry riffs on his hollow-body Gibson guitar. Then it was back to the stage for feverish tributes to Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash and even Budweiser beer.

Thorogood has always been content to sing old rock and R&B classics, but his versions pack a wallop few others do…  If anything, the band sounds sharper and more enthusiastic than ever. When Thorogood said he was going to “party till 5 a.m.,” he looked ready for it.”

Source:  Washington Post.  November 26, 1981.

Other Notes:  An official concert program was created for the Destroyers’ 50-50 show in Washington, DC.  Below are scans of the cover and selected interior pages.




Fate of the Venue:

The Warner Theatre was extensively renovated between 1989 and 1991.  The theatre re-opened in 1992 and lives on as a venue for live entertainment.

Source:  http://www.warnertheatredc.com/venueinfo


2 thoughts on “50 Dates in 50 Posts – Tour Stop # 34 – Warner Theatre, Washington, DC”

  1. I was 15 years old and was a huge fan of GT…His act was awesome and very high energy. I had no idea how much work it was to do 50-50.

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