50 Dates in 50 Posts – Tour Stop # 8 – Macky Auditorium, Boulder, Colorado

50/50 Tour Stop:  # 8

Date:  October 30, 1981

Venue:  Macky Auditorium.  University of Colorado Boulder.  1595 Pleasant Street.  Boulder, Colorado.  80309.

Find it on Google Mapshttps://goo.gl/maps/ihhhBfgys9C2

Venue Exterior

Circa 1930s:

08 Macky Auditorium Postcard Exterior of Building Circa 1940s


08 Street View Macky Auditorium 2011

Venue Interior:

08 Macky Auditorium Interior View from Stage

Opening Act:  Unknown.

Poster / Flyer / Handbill:  I have not yet seen a poster, flyer or handbill for this show.  If you have a copy or any information, please get in touch!

Press & Promotion:  Concert listings showed up in area newspapers in the days leading up to the Destroyers’ Colorado 50/50 Tour stop.

08 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Macky Auditorium Concert Listing 1981 Oct 30

Source:  Gazette Telegraph.  October 23, 1981.  Pg. 10E.

Ticket Price:  $10.

Ticket Stub:  I have not seen a ticket stub from this show to date.  Please contact me if you have a ticket stub from this concert for sale.

Attendance:  Unknown.  Macky Auditorium currently seats 2,052.

Source:  http://www.colorado.edu/macky/plan-your-experience/seating-chart

Set List:  Unknown.  Please get in touch if you have any information.

Was the Concert Recorded?  Unknown.

Concert Photos:  I have not yet come across any photos from this concert.

Concert Reaction:  I have not found a review of the Macky Auditorium 50-50 concert thus far.  

Other Notes: The CD tray inlay for the album George Thorogood & the Destroyers Anthology (Capitol Records, 2000) shows a sepia tone montage of backstage passes from the 50-50 tour, including one from the Boulder show (Middle-left of photo).

00 George Thorogood Anthology CD Inlay w 50 50 Tour Backstage Passes

Fate of the Venue:

Macky Auditorium Concert Hall continues to host concerts and other live events.

Read more about Macky Auditorium at this link:  http://www.colorado.edu/macky/about/history

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