Great Moments in Rock Merchandising: The 50-50 Tour Poster

00 George Thorogood 50 States in 50 Dates 1981 Tour Poster

Above:  The official 50 States in 50 Dates tour poster.

A classic, pure and simple.

The 50-50 poster makes effective use of two familiar photos.  First is a cropped head and shoulders image taken from Henry Diltz’s larger photo for the 1980 LP “More George Thorogood and the Destroyers”.

00 George Thorogood and the Destroyers More Album Cover

Henry Diltz is the photographer behind many iconic album covers from the ‘classic’ era of rock music.  You may not recognize the name, but you will know his work.  Read more about Mr. Diltz here:

00 Doors Morrison Hotel Album Cover Henry Diltz Photo  00 Eagles Desperado Album Cover Henry Diltz

Above:  Doors and Eagles album covers featuring photos by Henry Diltz.

The background of the 50-50 tour poster includes a photograph by Elizabeth Botwright Becker of the Destroyers leaning against their 1979 white Checker Cab.  A slightly different photo from this same photo shoot was used in promotional materials from the Destroyers’ record label (Rounder Records) around this time.  Note, for example, that the members of the band are all shifted towards the back of the car and are standing in a different order in the photo on the tour poster (above).

00 Press Photo Destroyers In Front of Checker Cab

50 Dates in 50 Posts – Tour Stop # 39 – Ruby Diamond Auditorium, Tallahassee, Florida

50/50 Tour Stop:  # 39 (Concert # 40)

Date:  November 30, 1981

Venue:  Ruby Diamond Auditorium.  222 S. Copeland St.  Tallahassee, FL.  32304.

Find it on Google Maps:  

Copeland Street entrance:

University Way entrance:

Venue Exterior

Circa 1940s:

40 Westcott Building Postcard Ruby Diamond Auditorium


40 Street View Ruby Diamond FSU Copeland Entrance 2014 May

Venue Interior:

Exact Date Unknown (Pre-2010 Renovation):

40 Ruby Diamond Auditorium Interior Before Renovation

Source:  Screen grab from this news story:

Opening Act:  John Kurzweg and the Night

40 John Kurzweg and the Night Concert Ad 1981 October 27

Read more about John Kurzweg here:

Poster / Flyer / Handbill:  I have not yet seen a poster, flyer or handbill for this show.  If you have a copy or any information, please get in touch!

Press & Promotion:  The 50-50 tour stop at Ruby Diamond Auditorium was promoted in regional newspapers and Florida State University’s “Florida Flambeau” student newspaper.  A student organization also gave away tickets to the show in a contest.

40 George Thorogood 50 50 Tour Florida Grand Tour in a Taxi Tallahassee Democrat Nov 27 1981

40 Ruby Diamond Tallahassee Florida 50 50 Tour Preview Article Nov 30 1981

40 Ruby Diamond FSU UPO Awareness Ad w Thorogood Ticket Contest 1981 Nov 2

Ticket Price:  $6

Ticket Stub

40 George Thorogood 50 50 Ticket Stub Ruby Diamond Tallahassee Florida

A HUGE thank you to blog reader Tim L for sending this photo of his ticket stub to the Destroyers’ Ruby Diamond 50-50 concert. 

Please contact me if you have a ticket stub from this show for sale.

AttendanceUnknown.  Ruby Diamond Auditorium had a seating capacity of less than 1,172 in 1981.

Set ListUnknown.  If you have any information, please get in touch.

Was the Concert Recorded?  Unknown.  If you have any information, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this post.

Concert Photos:  I have not seen any photos from this show to date.  If you have any photos that can be shared, please drop me a note.

Concert Reaction:  None.

Other Notes:  None.

Fate of the Venue:  Ruby Diamond Auditorium lives on as a concert venue to this day.  The renovated venue was re-opened as the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall in October 2010.

40 Ruby Diamond Auditorium Renovation Aerial Photo 2009